Welcome to ILM Academy

ILM Academy provides an environment for all students to grow into creative, critical thinkers who are productive, and compassionate members of society and the world. The word “ILM” means knowledge in the Arabic language. The lantern in our logo, informs our purpose as an educational institution. We as ILM Academy function as a guiding light illuminating all the accessible, and comprehensive channels that support each of our students on their educational journey.

Our Vision

“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge”

[Surah Taha – 20:114]

“Give us the grace to lead the righteous”

[Surah Furqan – 25:74]

Our Core Values

At ILM Academy, we encourage our students to work within a framework of ethics that we adhere to in order to nurture them.

The ILM Academy core values are built around four pillars namely:-

  • Community,
  • Character,
  • Culture
  • Excellence.

The ILM Academy Criteria: Here we are Many. Here we are One.

ILM Academy News

Frequently Asked Questions

ILM means knowledge in Arabic. Since the first revelation from Allah the Almighty to our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the Quran mentions great importance of seeking knowledge in Islam. Every Muslim is obligated to seek knowledge regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, social status and more. We all have equal rights to education and seeking knowledge to improve and empower ourselves.

Here we are many, here we are one. all are welcome to ilm academy, an islamic institution that fosters community and serves students, and faculty of all faiths and backgrounds. we strive and take pride in respecting the dignity of every human being and value differing perspectives and voices.