Extracurricular Activities for Schoolchildren

Extracurricular Activities for Schoolchildren

Education is important. Children need to learn to grow and develop into full members of society. Developing their minds, learning new skills and knowledge and using their talents glorifies Allah and shows respect for their families and communities.

Only through learning and testing themselves can children develop their skills and find their interests. Education allows children to find their place in society as they grow and keeps their minds active, ensuring they always strive to improve in every aspect of their lives.

However, there is more to learning and becoming a full member of society than learning facts and being able to read, write and understand mathematics. Children need to think for themselves, critically assess situations, understand the moral and ethical dilemmas they face, and interact with others from many walks of life.

We cover much of this in the classroom. But it is also practised outside with family and friends, in the wider society and during other activities. Extracurricular activities provide children with a safe, more relaxed learning environment where they can practise and develop many of the skills they will need throughout their lives.

Extracurricular activities also allow children to develop their hobbies and interests and find safe and moral outlets for their energy and enthusiasm. Whether they are sports-focused or interested in the sciences, they can take their interests and learning to new levels during these activities. Extracurricular activities provide social learning, communication, and opportunities to explore, discuss and better understand their faith.

At ILM Academy, we fully embrace the opportunities that learning outside the classroom brings. We provide opportunities for our students to develop further the skills and lessons they learn in the classroom. We encourage critical thinking and exploration with peers to create a holistic educational approach.